A satisfying, safe, economical and environmentally responsible explorer yacht must perform well over a range of wind-conditions and directions to

  • allow for fast passages
  • minimize motoring and fuel consumption
  • be safe in heavy weather and challenging conditions.

Moving at a whisper and achieving dramatic top speeds is not important.

goalsatisfyingsafeeconomicalenvironmentally responsible
minimized rather than no engine usethe best moment is when the wind fills the sails and the engine is cut reduces fuel consumptionavoids emissions
high average speedfast passageseasier to avoid heavy weathermakes long passages economically and environmentally feasible 
pointing wellbetter Speed over Ground (SoG) -> less motoringeasier to avoid lee shoresreduces fuel consumption, faster passagesavoids emissions
highly efficient under engineallows long motoring when advisable saves fuelreduces emissions

With decades of experience with off-shore racing and designing fast and successful off-shore racing boats, Owen-Clarke Design were in an ideal position to design and optimize Lynx.

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Using VPP, various combinations of hull-shape, reinforcements and rigging were analyzed for a 6350 miles course from Western Europe to Montevideo using 3 years of November wind data.

As the results show, this passage could be done very fast with a minimum time motoring.

Passage Time30 days 15 hours 15 minutes(735.5 hours)
Average Boat Speed8.64 Kts 
Average Daily Run>200 NM 
Time under engine21.3 hours2.9%

Sail and Motor Usage

Sail Hours %
J2 58.8 8.0
J3 0.1 0.0
C0 135.6 18.4
A3 202.3 27.5
A2 317.2 43.1

Engine 21.3 2.9

Considering the efficiency of the engines, fuel burn would be very modest:

Assuming two hours per day of engine use total and a fuel consumption of 3l/hr for propulsion/power generation/watermaking and 2l/hr for power generation/watermaking and 1.5 l for power generation only, estimated fuel burn is as follows:

PropulsionPower GenerationWater- makingFuel
Hoursfuel burn       (l)