Head and Sauna

Head and Sauna

On starboard ahead of the companionway, there is plenty of space for a very large head forward and a combined sauna & head aft. As the inhabitants of cold countries know, nothing beats relaxing in the heat of the sauna, perhaps followed by a jump into icy water after a long cold day out skiing, hiking or exploring on the water. Saunas are rare on sailing ships and unheard of at compact yachts. But once there, they are used all the time.

The head compartment is furnished with

  • a full-sized large shower
  • a head that is close to the keel and aligned with the centreline  – generally desirable especially if someone is seasick and the yacht is heeling.
  • Sink and cabinets

It is designed for comfort:

  • There is ample hot water for long nice showers
  • The walls are heated to give a pleasant feel and avoid condensation
  • A highly efficient Tecma-Compass toilet preserves water and tank space – even with a full crew there is enough tankage for weeks.

The combined sauna & head has been designed and optimized in close cooperation

 with RoHol who produce specialty wood panels for saunas (saunaply) EOS Saunatechnik, specialist manufacturers of sauna heaters and equipment.

  • It doubles up as a head with a fold-out sink and a Tecma-Compass toilet that is covered up when the sauna is used
  • It doubles up as a wet-locker during long passages
  • It has ample space for two and in a pinch for three

If so desired, a larger sauna that doubles up as head can be built in this space.