Highly efficient and hardened engine

Propulsion and Power Generation

Custom designed and engineered by Betamarine [link]

  • Redundant – two completely independent units
  • Efficient and clean burning1The engine can always be maintained optimally loaded in the best-performing range where efficiency is highest and the burn is the cleanest. integrated power units for
    • Propulsion: Exceptionally economical cruise – range under engine in excess of 5000 NM2one-engine operation when cruising (optimally loaded rather than the inefficiency of oversized engines under low load) (one-engine operation)
    • Electricity: Efficient permanent magnet generators (Zanardi)
    • Water Maker: Danfoss high pressure pumps
  • Bilge cooling and dry exhaust; no need for seawater intake, impeller or mixing elbow
  • 1500cc 4-cylinder Diesel Engine (Betamarine 38 on Kubota basis)
    • 100% mechanically governed
    • Analog and NMEA2000 interface
  • Emergency bilge pump

Betamarine combines

  • Reliable and efficient Kubota industrial engines in ubiquitous use (construction, industry, tractors, transport, cooling aggregates).
  • Superior marinization that has been steadily refined for over 40 years
  • A no-nonsense approach to service and parts, with most servicing done by the customer using generic parts
  • Dedicated and clever custom engineering

Brunton’s Autoprop

Autoprop blades change pitch automatically to suit prevailing wind and sea conditions, which improves range and speed considerably.

When reversing, they

  • swing through 180 degrees
  • reduce prop-walk
  • produce same thrust
    as going forward

When sailing, the blades

  • feather automatically
  • reduce drag by 85% and more, compared to a fixed propeller