Optimised & well-integrated systems

Use optimised and well-integrated system and component packages

Ultimately, sailing requires only hull, keel, rudder, rig, sails and lines. That’s the joy of dingy sailing, and that’s what the cruising pioneers a generation or two ago proved with a minimum of systems on board. Most cruisers today require or desire much more comfort, convenience and safety and well-functioning systems are ever more important. Reliability and ease of maintenance is essential or else cruising is “making repairs in exotic places”.

Purity and simple systems are great, but may not be enough. What works for a young couple in their thirties may be way too burdensome for a retired couple.  Having a well-equipped and comfortable boat may very well extend the cruising life by 5 to 10 years. 

Lynx Yachting provides or arranges for optimized integrated systems and components packages – redundant and hardened as required and appropriate

  • Reliable and efficient propulsion and power generation
  • Integrated electrical systems
  • Electronic packages including autopilot
  • Heating, water, bilge