Strong and Reinforced Construction

Strong and Reinforced Construction

Structural engineering

  • according to the ISO 12215-5:2019 standard,
  • using the HullScant software developed by the University of Southampton’s Wolfson Unit


  • local strength – governed by local loads on hull, deck, superstructures and bulkheads
  • global strength – longitudinal bending (usually complies once local strength is satisfied)
  • strength of details, such as: mast, bulkhead, chainplates, frames with welded chainplates.

Ice reinforcements were added as

  • an ice girder
  • half frames from the beam to the stern
  • extra high half frames from bow to beam (“what about hitting a tree trunk when heeled?”)
  • an ice belt for the bottom/side plates, with an increment for abrasion and corrosion of 2 mm added according to DNV GL Ice Class ICE (E).

Hundreds of parts calculated, hundreds of detail drawings, e.g.,