Yachting Excellence

Finding an optimum yacht for challenging high-latitude environments is easier said than done given the needs for seaworthiness, self-sufficiency, safety and reliability. The ever-tougher standards and regulations make retrofitting existing yachts difficult and expensive.

After countless hours’ assessing requirements and researching options, a brand-new design was commissioned from Owen-Clarke Design who have produced many fast and seaworthy boats and have extensive high-latitude experience. Together with the best partners for build, rig, sail, propulsion and systems, design, layout, components and systems were optimized from the ground up. Many more refinements were added during the build of the first unit. The result is the compact go-anywhere yacht Lynx 48.

There has been a lot of interest from other sailors who had been looking for such a yacht but didn’t want to go through the intense, long and costly design and build process. Lynx 48 is now offered as a semi-custom series. The choice is between the standard version identical to the first unit, a custom build-out as agreed by buyer and the build-out yard and a semi-finished version ready for build-out by the buyer.

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