Sail Plan and Rig

Sail Plan and Rig

Powerful, versatile and easy to use

Whether it is an explorer sailing yacht or a fast ocean racer …

sails and rig must

  • give superb performance under sail over all points of sail
    in light to heavy wind conditions otherwise there will be excessive motoring
  • easy to use, because the easier it is to add or reduce sails the more likely it is that the yacht is properly canvassed and trimmed
  • strong in order to stand up to the many days of use in heavy conditions

Aft of the mast, the main with 3 reefs and the trysail allow for five sail areas ranging from 17 m2 to 70 m2. Before the mast, the J2, J3 and storm jib are complemented with a furling gennaker and a Tradewind sail for running in light and medium conditions.

The main can be quickly reefed and unreefed from the cockpit with dual reef lines for each reef. The J3, the staysail, the gennaker and the Tradewind sail are on removable stays.

The carbon spinnaker pole can be easily operated by one person and the outriggers allow sheeting outside of the beam for gennaker and J2. When the Tradewind sail is up, the main is down, avoiding the risk of crash jibes.

The two-spreader 7/8th carbon fibre mast, made by Axxon Composites [link] with rod rigging was chosen, because it is strong and light. The boom [link sparcraft] with side braces and Jack stays allows for a quick drop of the main from the cockpit.

The mainsail and the J2 are made of North 3Di Ocean [Introducing the 3Di OCEAN Line Up | North Sails]. which has held up very well in round-the-world Ocean races. J3, trysail and storm jib are made of heavy Dacron.

Lines and textile stays are supplied by Robline.

Mainsail69.0North 3Di OCEAN 70023,800 Dpi5 full battens, 3 reefsP20.1E6.1
Trysail24.8Polyester10ozHigh Visibility Storm OrangeP12.6E3.7
J261.0North 3Di OCEAN 70023,800 DpiFurling; 4 vertical battens100%I19.8J6.4
J3/Staysail38.4NPC Cross-Cut NorDacND94HAFurling100%Iij14.0Jij5.3
Storm Jib19.5Polyester10ozHigh Visibility Storm Orange55%I19.8J6.4
Helix Furling Gennaker150.0Code-Tec Polyester95 g/m²Isp21.8Spl7.1
Tradewind Sail213.0NorLon NY15070 g/m²Isp21.7Spl7.1