The ultimate compact go-anywhere yacht
  • a true sailor’s ship
    • is satisfying and fun to sail
      • points well
      • is fast, with a powerful sail plan
      • performs well given reasonable wind – a sailor’s ship
      • has a convenient deck-layout and well-organised
    • is sea-worthy, strong and stable
    • is self-sufficient, safe and reliable
    • is well-equipped and comfortable, also for a small crew
    • provides for a large payload incl. tankage
    • meets ever stricter regulations1– British MCA MGN 280 Category 0
      – Polar Code
      – increasingly stricter territory laws and regulations, e.g., for Antarctica, South Georgia, Alaska, Northern Canada, Greenland, Svalbard

Rigorously optimized and refined by Lynx Yachting Ltd. in terms of design, components, systems and integration, she is designed by Owen-Clarke Design2Owen Clarke Design
Yachting World
Merf Owen is a pioneer of CFD and tank test-based hull analysis. Allen Clarke is an expert for design and ergonomics. Merf and Allen have well over 300,000 miles in offshore regattas and as cruising sailors behind them and many years of experience with the development of the Class 40 and IMOCA Open 60 racing boats. In addition, they have designed fast cruising sailors and special boats for high latitudes.
Advice in regard to polar sailing and regulations graciously provided by Ashley Perrin
and is built and equipped by the leading firms for hull, sail3North Sails, rig4Axxon
, deck hardware5Antal (for deck hardware and winches) Maxpower bow thruster , ground tackle6Vulcan and Rocna Ancors, Titan chain, Lorfas windlass ,propulsion7Betamarine (engine)
Brunton’s (propellers)
, electrics, electronics and systems8Post Marine
Quick Lighting

She is designed for short-handed, fast passages. Analysis over a number of courses indicates an average passage speed greater than 8 kts and a range under motor in excess of 3.000 miles with generous reserve.

She can remain in remote areas without support for prolonged periods, which makes her the perfect small expedition/explorer yacht for families and small charter groups.

Length overall:15.15m
Beam overall:4.58m

Design Category A (All Oceans)
MGN280 Category 0 compliant

Lynx 48 Hull #1 was built by Koopmans Kaskos9 and is currently being fitted-out.

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