Deck Layout

Deck Layout

Optimized to support many sail-plan and trim options.

  • many options for optimizing trim
    • many positions for blocks
    • outriggers allow for outboard sheeting of Gennaker and J2
    • jib-sheets can be cross-sheeted

Supports proper trim and reefing at all times by making it easy and convenient.

  • most lines led to cockpit– to six ergonomically placed winches
    • 2 Antal XT52 main sheet winches (1 motorized)
    • 2 Antal XT66 motorized jib sheet winches
    • 2 Antal XT52 pit winches (1 motorized)
      • Main halyard
      • Main reef lines (dual-line reefing)
  • mast winch (Antal XT52) and capstan for gennaker, trade sail and staysail

Safe and convenient foredeck

  • very good handhelds, granny bar, extra-strength guard rails
  • flush hatches; no obstructions for lines (and toes)

No nonsense bollards

  • total of 12 – per side:
    • 2 each at bow
    • 2 each at centre
    • 2 each at stern
  • tied into deck and frames