Interior Layout

Interior Layout

The generous lower accommodation is focused on comfort, safety, convenience and providing an undisturbed, quiet environment for living and rest – especially important for the off-watch on long passages.

Repeatedly optimized in close cooperation with several highly-experienced designers and specialists, the overall layout provides a perfect platform for exploring and sailing in challenging areas. The heavy lifting is done; owners can customize the details of the buildout to their hearts’ desire.

  • The saloon [link] has a large seating area for the off-crew to rest, eat, meet and enjoy the time off.
  • A very large galley [Link] is optimized for feeding a large crew with minimum time and effort and at maximum safety.
  • Close to the companionway are
    • a comfortable head and shower
    • a sauna (and 2nd head) to get warm after a rough watch or extended time out exploring
  • Both quarter cabins are appointed with full-sized dual berths (with in-wall heat), large storage and a full port-light.
  • The forepeak is set up as a workshop, storage and anchor locker. Alternatively, it can be built out as a comfortable master cabin with island berth.

Due to very large portholes (about three times the size of typical ones), the accommodation is exceptionally bright and the view to the outside is exceptionally good. After all, what is the point sitting in the dark while traveling the most beautiful spots of the earth?


  • The lower companionway – conveniently only three steps – is the transition to the navigation and sailing-focused pilothouse-cockpit-deck area
  • Through the large forward hatch sails and materials can be lowered down
  • One hatch is in the galley and another one at the head/sauna
  • One hatch each leads from the quarter cabins to the cockpit