Engineering makes or breaks it

Engineers are the unseen magicians in the background.

  • At a minimum, they make the yacht legal – there is no CE (and now UK) certification without calculations of hull, rig, stability, flooding, electric system, etc.
  • More importantly, they make sure that the yacht will be as strong as needed without unnecessary waste and weight – in the case of an aluminium yacht, just about every piece of metal is calculated and inventoried.
  • Last, but not least, they are the link from design to building – integrating the drawing files of all components into the overall design and producing the files for CNC cutting of materials as well as bending instructions.

Lynx Yachting empowers engineers to work much faster, better and cheaper. We provide all necessary information on components and building details from the outset, we review and we guide. This way, much more complete models, files and instructions are produced – reducing building time, effort and cost and eliminating ambiguities that lead to late-stage problems and cost overruns.