Customize, customize, customize …

… as sensible and feasible

Customizing for specific needs, likes and tastes is one of the joys of a successful yacht project.

A one-off design can give you anything you like within the limits of physics and your budget. You may get what you want much easier, faster and more economically by customizing a suitable, optimized platform because the heavy lifting is already taken care of.

Don’t like teak? Use oak, cherry or any other suitable design.

Would you like a larger galley, a smaller galley, more or fewer berths, more or less storage, choice of appliances, storage, large master cabin forward, a sauna, an extra head or a large workshop? Go for it, it is quite feasible as long as it fits into the structure of the hull and doesn’t adversely affect weight and balance.

Do you fancy a carbon rig or will aluminium do. Are you keen on 3Di or laminate sails or is Dacron just fine? Do you prefer the comfort of motorized winches? Does it need to be the latest electronic gear?