Get the Best Architect

Get the best architect

You can’t fix bad design!1Don’ts

A lot is possible as long as the “bones” – the hull and overall design – are right. New sails, a new rig, will make a good design sign but will make a poor yacht at best less poor. A gut-out and new interior or a repower will make a good yacht better and more pleasant, but a bad yacht only less bad.

Choosing a design because it is “easy to build” will save a few percent of project cost but result in a poor boat forever. Building yet another yacht off a “proven” old design will result in a yacht with a proven old feel that forgoes all the advances made in the interim. Building from stock plans only works well, if these are a good match to the requirements – the risk is building the architect’s rather than one own’s dream.

Nothing is more important and there is no better investment than

  • getting the best possible architects for the type of yacht wanted
  • empower them to create a great design

Architects work much better and much faster if initial specifications, optimized systems and methods to be deployed and best-of-breed component sets are clear from the outset.

From decades-long project, optimization and systems experience, Lynx Yachting is ideally placed to provide these. We review and we guide, which ensures much more accurate and complete plans, models, files and instructions than is customary, which reduces building time, effort and cost.